for small and large ensemble:
Walking Behind the Deerman, for 7 voice. 2010.
When Birds, As Lizards, for conventional and prepared string quartet. 2010.
Great Migration for the Very Small, for piano. 2010.
Cats in the Country Pavillion, for orchestra. 2009.
Overlap Etude, for piano. 2008.

for percussion:
lewis and clark, not being eaten but instead arriving at the ocean, for 4 percussion. 2010.
Raccoon King of Plastic and Tin, for 4 percussion. 2009.
Black Bears, for 4 percussion. 2009.
Sextet in Four, Out Five, for 6 percussion. 2009.
The Laughing Dog, for 8 percussion. 2009.

for gamelan:
Barung Sejajar, for string quartet and Javanese Gamelan in pelog. 2010.
Tapak-Tapak, for electronic bonang, computer-controlled windchimes, and Javanese Gamelan in slendro. 2010.
Dog Ageng, for Javanese gamelan in slendro. 2009.
Jaguarundi, for Javanese gamelan in slendro. 2009.

for dance:
First Construction in Mostly Metal, for tape and accordion. 2009.
Piece for Amy Johnson, for tape. 2010.

for installation:
harmonic flocking, for interactive multimedia, 2009.
color ghost, for interactive multimedia, 2008.