Max for Live Objects: All Notes Off, Harmonize, Monome

I’ve uploaded a few more Max for Live Objects:
allnotesoff: The problem with stuck notes in Max is that you can only send a note-off to notes that Max knows are on. If its the case that a message was dropped, Max ignores any note-offs that might come later. This object was designed for working with a solenoid actuated piano, and, after audio has stopped in Live, turns all the notes on every channel on to velocity 1, then back off-two octaves at a time to prevent drawing too much power.
harmonize: This object simply adds parallel notes to incoming MIDI. It comes in handy to thicken a synth sound, or to offset an instruments starting pitch.
monome: Supports 64, 128, 256 and routes MIDI to whichever track its on. Multiple instances on multiple tracks may be used simultaneously, lights can show tempo or be turned off completely, and notes may be offset (36 is the default).


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