motion study for automatic piano. wearable technology, motion interactives
and automatic score. video. May 2013.

A Swampy Crosshatching of Tributaries, No Main Vein. piano performance, 
motion interactives, site-specific software. Wild Beast, CalArts. Valencia 
CA. March 2013.

Barung Sejarjar score for string quartet and Javanese gamelan. PONCHO 
Concert Hall, Seattle WA. October 2010.

Tapak-Tapak. score for electronic and traditional gamelan instruments and 
computer-controlled wind chimes. PONCHO Concert Hall, Seattle WA. October 

Black Bears. score for 4 percussionists. PONCHO Concert Hall, Seattle WA. 
February 2009.


Male Continence. sound design. Here Arts Center, New York NY. September 
2016. created by Blaze Ferrer and Sophie Weisskoff.

TL;DR an opera. original songs, score and sound design. NW New Works 
Festival, On the Boards, Seattle WA. June 2016. Prelude Festival, Martin 
Segal Theatre, New York NY. October 2014. playwright: Mallery Avidon.

At the Rich Relatives: an anachronistic operetta. original songs, score 
and sound design. Target Margin’s Beyond the Pale Festival, Abron’s Art 
Center, New York NY. FEBRUARY 2014. playwright: Mallery Avidon

static, no resistance. wearable technology, motion interactives and video. 
Calarts, MAY 2013. choreographer: Daniel Charon.

blink. original score: phasing suite for two player pianos, CalArts, MARCH
 2013.choreographer: Daniel Charon.

portion/pitch. original score: construction in mostly metal, On the Boards,
Seattle WA. APRIL 2009. choreographer: Allie Hankins.

Gurs Zyklus. video design, original composition, media programming. On the
Boards, Seattle WA. MAY 2012.Stanford University, Standford CA. MAY 2011. 
For Trimpin and Rinde Eckert.


Arcanum 17. custom performance software. various performances. SEPTEMBER 2013.For Charlie Morrow.

Oregon Ducks Hall of Fame. motion interactives, media programming and site
-specific software. University of Oregon, Eugene OR. MAY 2013.For Charlie 

Long Island Children's Museum. media programming and site-specific 
software. Garden City NY. JANUARY 2013.For Charlie Morrow.

Interface LA. motion interactives and automatic score. Bootleg Theater, 
Los Angeles CA. JANUARY 2012.

Magic Forest & Aviary. generative site-specific software. Nationwide 
Children's Hospital, Columbus OH. AUGUST 2011. For Charlie Morrow.

move it #1. re-scoring of the film, the Word of Buckminster Fuller. Ghost 
Gallery, Seattle WA. 2011. animation: Brian Markle.

creative residencies:

STEIM:studio for electro-instrumental music, Amsterdam NL. OCTOBER 2012

Montalvo Arts Center, Saratoga CA. May 2011.

Open Flight Studio, Seattle WA. MAY-AUGUST 2009.


MFA Music Technology. California Institute of the Arts, Valencia CA. 2013.
THESIS: Non-Affirming Strategies in Digital Correlation

BFA Composition. Cornish College of the Arts, Seattle WA. 2010.

BA Philosophy. University of New Mexico, Albuquerque NM. 2006.

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